Medical High Speed Grinding



Designed for Medical Applications



EQO-GRIND 720: is a synthetic PAO (Poly-Alpha-Olefin) based high-speed grinding fluid. Its synthetic base stock provides extreme resistance to thermal and oxidative breakdown. Even under the most rigorous grinding applications, EQO-GRIND 720 will provide almost unlimited sump life and remain unaffected by high heat and extreme pressures. It will not break down like conventional hydrocarbon based oils. EQO-GRIND 720 is nearly colorless and has a very low viscosity providing excellent cooling of the wheel and work piece. Its also contains state of the art extreme pressure and boundary lubricants designed to maintain cleanliness and longevity of the grinding wheels. EQO-GRIND 720 provides the ability to increase cycle times and improve surface finishes on your most critical parts. Operations: High Speed Grinding, Honing, Flute Grinding, Rough Grinding, Super Finishing, Finish Grinding. Nearly water white in appearance.

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