Water Dilutable Cutting & Grinding Fluids

Regarding Water Dilutable Cutting & Grinding Fluids, the QualiChem line of products have proven value and performance time and again; the QualiChem line of products have become our premier offering to the metalworking industries. We understand that you’re in business to make a profit, and it’s our job to help you achieve that goal.

Below are links to the most advanced technology available in water based cutting and grinding fluids. Our products cover the complete range of fluid requirements from light duty grinding to the most difficult cutting operations. Whether you are a job shop operating just a few CNC machines or a manufacturer with large central systems, Belco Services Group has the right cutting and grinding fluid to get the job done. 


XTREME COOL – Premium Solution Synthetics

XTREME CUT – Premium Semi-Synthetics

XTREME GRIND – Premium Grinding Synthetics

EQO-PURE – Vegetable Derived Microemulsions

Q-COOL – Economical Synthetics

Q-CUT – Economical Semi-Synthetics

Q-SOL – Soluble Oils

CARB GRIND – Carbide Grinding Synthetics

Q-MAG – Magnesium Machining Fluids

We deliver cutting-edge technology to maximize your productivity and reduce your manufacturing costs.


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