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QUICK TAP is a high performance, new generation tapping fluid that improves threading accuracy, extends tool life, improves surface finishes and increases production. QUICK TAP is suggested for use on all metals, including aluminum, titanium and steel. It is especially effective on difficult-to-machine metals such as stainless steel and aerospace alloys.

Tapping Threading Additive boost for straight cutting oils


Performance Benefits:

Outstanding thermal and chemical stability means improved threading performance

 Contains high performance extreme pressure additives which promote optimum metal cutting performance and improved surface finishes

 Does not contain any chlorinated solvents as per 40CFR 261 subpart D

Recommended Dilutions:
Used straight, QUICK TAP tapping fluid should be applied directly to the tool/work piece interface from a spout-top bottle or other applicator. Used as an additive with straight cutting oils, it should be poured into a high agitation area or premixed with the cutting oil prior to adding to sump. Add approximately one gallon of QUICK TAP tapping fluid to every ten gallons of conventional cutting oils. It is advisable to check the compatibility of QUICK TAP with the cutting oil prior to adding it to the sump. This product is not water-soluble and should not be mixed with water-soluble oils or synthetic coolants.

QUICK TAP is packaged in cases of 12 – 16 oz. squeeze bottles, 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon non-returnable steel drums. Bulk and 310-gallon bins are also available.


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