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Belco Services provides industrial lubricants and coolants for every application. We have partnered with King Industrial to provide a comprehensive range of world-class products which are the highest performing cutting and grinding fluids on the market today. This allows us to deliver the performance you need in every application; even the most demanding and capital intensive applications, where innovative lubrication and cutting edge technology are critical.

Whether you are a job shop operating just a few CNC machines or a manufacturer with large central systems, Belco Services Group has the right cutting and grinding fluid to get the job done. We understand that you’re in business to make a profit!

Your Belco application specialist will work with you, truly listen to you, observe your process and identify the best product for your application. This will ensure product compatibility and cost efficiency in your specific operating condition. On average, our application specialist will have more than 20 years experience providing actionable solutions for machining.

Our selection of environmentally responsible high-performance fluids will deliver production gains and bottom line manufacturing savings to you. Our products were selected and designed to address the latest environmental, health & safety issues to ensure the highest level of safety and operator acceptance, thereby reducing your liability.


Value, performance, environmental responsibility, health and safety define the actionable solution to your need.

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With more that 35 years of actionable solutions provided on the shop floor, we have collectively saved our clients multiplied millions by providing and servicing the very best lubricants and metalworking fluids available on the market today. Here is how we bring you an “actionable solution.”

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Revolutionizing Metalworking Technology

QualiChem is the fastest growing company in the metalworking industry


QualiChem offers advanced product technologies covering a wide range of metalworking applications including: cutting and grinding fluids, metal cleaners, corrosion preventatives, and metal forming fluids. In addition to high quality manufacturing, QualiChem provides complete technical, sales, and laboratory support for all of our metalworking fluids.

QualiChem has the highest performing cutting and grinding fluids on the market today. By applying the latest advances in additive technology and looking beyond the additives targeted for metalworking, our team of formulation chemists has developed break through technology that is defining the next generation of metalworking fluids.


We deliver cutting-edge technology to maximize your productivity and reduce your manufacturing costs.



Industry Segments Served:
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  • Automotive
  • žMetal Working
  • žPulp & Paper
  • Aerospace Manufacturing
  • Textile
  • Medical


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