High Speed Performance Grinding Oils


       High Speed Performance Grinding Oils



  • XTREME GRIND T: is a high purity low viscosity grinding oil designed for straight oil grinding applications that utilize low micron filtration systems. XTREME GRIND T meets the specifications for Transor filtration systems and is suited for a wide variety of grinding applications where low viscosity and fine filtration is required. XTREME GRIND T can be filtered to 1 micron levels without affecting performance. It does not contain extreme pressure additives such as: sulfur, chlorine or phosphorous. XTREME GRIND T is suitable for aerospace and medical applications where the use of halogens and sulfur are prohibited. XTREME GRIND T provides good lubrication at the point of grind while maintaining a clean free-cutting wheel. It also has good oxidation resistance and viscosity stability providing extended sump life. 


              ID/OD grinding Centerless Surface Grinding Carbide grinding                                                   

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  •  XTREME GRIND 726: is a high-performance low viscosity grinding oil designed for exotic alloys such as titanium, inconel, hastalloy, waspalloy and stainless steels in high speed grinding applications. XTREME GRIND 726 is suited for high-pressure applications where critical part tolerance is required. It contains extreme pressure lubricity additives that extend wheel life and provide excellent surface finishes in the most severe grinding applications. XTREME GRIND 726 utilizes state of the art polar and EP lubricants that enhance performance at the point of grind while maintaining a clean free-cutting wheel. The unique lubrication properties found in XTREME GRIND 726 will give you the ability to increase cycle times and improve surface finishes. 

            Centerless Grinding, High Speed Surface Grinding, High Stock Removal Grinding Light Yellow in appearance.

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  • MET-GRIND 750: is a chlorine-free grinding oil designed for precision grinding operations. This straight oil is specifically designed for the latest high speed grinding machines to achieve maximum grind ratios. MET-GRIND 750 maintains excellent surface finishes even during high stock removal operations. The product utilizes low odor and low mist paraffinic base stocks with a high viscosity index to prevent the grinding oil from breaking down under the high temperatures and pressures of the grinding process. MET-GRIND 750 utilizes state of the art additive technology to improve grinding performance with CBN and other super-abrasives. 


             Belt Grinding, Flute Grinding, Centerless Grinding, Form Grinding, Creep Feed Grinding, Surface Grinding

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  • MET-GRIND 732: is specially formulated for carbide grinding. Its highly refined base stock provides resistance to thermal and oxidative breakdown while its low viscosity provides excellent cooling of the wheel and work piece. Unique additive chemistry provides improved penetration at the point of grind maintaining superior finishes even under the most rigorous grinding applications. MET-GRIND 732 has an extreme pressure package that does not readily deplete and in conjunction with being inhibited against leaching cobalt will provide very long sump life. MET-GRIND 732 is light in color, has a pleasant mild vanilla odor and is safe on all metal types. MET-GRIND 732 will give you the ability to decrease cycle times and improve surface finishes on your most critical parts.


             Carbide Grinding

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