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  • MET-GRIND 732: is specially formulated for carbide grinding. Its highly refined base stock provides resistance to thermal and oxidative breakdown while its low viscosity provides excellent cooling of the wheel and work piece. Unique additive chemistry provides improved penetration at the point of grind maintaining superior finishes even under the most rigorous grinding applications. MET-GRIND 732 has an extreme pressure package that does not readily deplete and in conjunction with being inhibited against leaching cobalt will provide very long sump life. MET-GRIND 732 is light in color, has a pleasant mild vanilla odor and is safe on all metal types. MET-GRIND 732 will give you the ability to decrease cycle times and improve surface finishes on your most critical parts. Clear, amber fluid.  Request Quote / Request 
  • CARB GRIND 305: is synthetic metalworking fluid formulated especially for the grinding of cemented tungsten carbide. Most standard metalworking fluids contain several sources of amines to help with corrosion control and pH stabilization. Amines cause cobalt to dissolve from carbide and as the level of dissolved cobalt increases in the fluid so does the potential for significant health problems. CARB GRIND 305 is specifically designed to prevent the leaching of cobalt to ensure a safe working environment for the machine tool operators. CARB GRIND 305 is also designed to reduce the residue problem associated with other amine free fluids designed for carbide grinding. This product also improves waste treatability because heavy metals are not dissolved during the grinding process. Transparent, colorless. Request Quote / Request 





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